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For the meat connoisseurs

OSSO Steak & Ribs opened its doors at Panthers Penrith in 2009, and has been a destination for meat and wine connoisseurs ever since. With an extensive menu full of delicious, award-winning steaks, juicy ribs and delicate seafood and pastas, OSSO has continued to be a favourite among locals and corporate clients alike.

Declared by many as the best steak in Penrith, OSSO also boasts an impressive wine list, comprising of 100 wines highlighting a broad range of flavours and styles from Australia’s most acclaimed wine growing regions. If beers or cocktails are more your style, OSSO has you covered, with a fantastic range of local and imported beer varieties and a sensational cocktail list, full of all your favourites with a modern twist.

“Service makes OSSO stand out above all other great steakhouses.” - Geril MD


MONDAY: 12PM – 2.30PM | 5:30PM – LATE
TUESDAY: 12PM – 2.30PM | 5:30PM – LATE
WEDNESDAY: 12PM – 2.30PM | 5:30PM – LATE
THURSDAY: 12PM – 2.30PM | 5:30PM – LATE
FRIDAY: 12PM – 2.30PM | 5:30PM – LATE
SATURDAY: 12PM – 2.30PM | 5:30PM – LATE
SUNDAY: 12PM – 2.30PM | 5:30PM – LATE

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