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Panthers is committed to taking steps to reduce our environmental impact for a more sustainable future. In 2019, Panthers Penrith saved:

  • 810 Trees
  • 139 Tons of CO²
  • 1,671 KL of Water
  • 279,460 kWh of Electricity

We also switched all of our drinking straws in Panthers bars from plastic to more sustainable paper.

We have changed most of the lights in all of our properties to LED fittings, saving significant energy usage. In our new WSCCC carpark, we have gone a step further and installed the lights on motion sensors so they are only turned on as people or vehicles approach them.

Through the installation of isolation valves, and BMS programming, we have programmed our Air Conditioning plant to utilise more outside air to cool the Panthers Penrith club in the cooler months. This keeps the inside of the building conditioned without having to run our Chilled Water Plant. Essentially, whenever the outside air temperature is below 15 degrees, we filter that outside air and use it to cool down the club.

All of our main Fan Coil Units and Water Pumps throughout the Panthers Penrith building have now been fitted with Variable Speed Drives (VSD’s). This means instead of every fan or pump running at 100% capacity, the motor speeds will vary depending on the conditions inside the club. Lower fan and pump speed, means lower energy consumption.