Dom’s $10 Happy Hour Cocktails

Dom’s Cocktail Lounge is here to be your happy hour hero with $10* cocktails every Friday and Saturday, 5pm to 8pm.


  • Purple Moon – Tanqueray Gin meets Parfait Amour, creating a beautiful violet dream. A touch of lemon juice adds a playful pucker, while a swirl of sugar syrup brings sweetness to the party. Garnished with a skewered lemon peel for a grand finish.
  • Watermelon Sugar – A drop so good Harry Styles wrote a song about it. Watermelon & Melon Vok liqueurs meet watermelon puree for a sweet melon mashup. Lime juice adds a balancing splash, all served in a sugar-rimmed glass and topped with cool lemonade.
  • Leaping Lychee – This drink mixes Vok Lychee & Watermelon with vodka for a tropical kick. Lemon adds a zest, topped with lemonade and finished with a skewered lychee for a tastebud holiday.
  • Evan Tingle – Vok Triple Sec’s citrusy bite meets Bols Blue, creating a vibrant electric blue. Then, magic happens – a touch of grenadine swirls in, transforming the drink into a stunning purple. Topped with refreshing lemonade and a lemon wheel.


*Members-only price, for a limited time only.

Friday 31 May 2024

5:00 PM

Dom’s Cocktail Lounge


Panthers Penrith